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JetStream VS

Create your perfect data intelligence experience 

JetStreamVS dashboard
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Data Intelligence that works your way. 

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Bandwidth Management

Enables you to manage your bandwidth consumption by selecting time, data, and resolution of the streamed video

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The AVATAR provides extra redundancy by storing video locally in case of internet connectivity loss, and uploading it to the Cloud when connectivity is restored.

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Cloud Native VMS

Designed to operate in the Cloud as a managed service. The platform is deployed in the Cloud while our proprietary software appliance (AVATAR) is installed on the edge at the customer site. 



Enables flexible video storage options (edge vs. cloud), customizable streaming schedules, and remote viewing from any device. Anytime.

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Storage Management

Enables you to select the what data you want to store on the edge vs. the cloud. It allows you to offload the storage overhead to the cloud rather than buying additional hardware to store your video. 



Switching from on prem to the cloud allows you to utilize your OPEX budget and save your CAPEX. VSaaS will become part of your operation and maintenance budget.

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Simple Architecture

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Smarter widgets.
Dynamic layouts.

Use powerful yet familiar tools to create your ultimate surveillance workflow. Use powerful widgets to exponentially increase awareness throughout your sites.

GEO Maps
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Advanced Analytics

Through the power of smart analytics, you will never have to worry about missing a detail. 

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VideoNext creates custom security for your unique needs. Find out how we can help you to protect what is valuable to you today.

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