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VideoNext has been providing VMS to customers for over 20 years

About Us

VideoNext has built a reputation as a global leader in scalable, enterprise and government-class video surveillance solutions. As a trusted partner with government and commercial customers, VideoNext provides video surveillance solutions to companies in industries as diverse as financial, defense and homeland security, transportation, energy, education, health care and professional sports. VideoNext VMS solution can be deployed on Prem, Hybrid and in a cloud (private cloud) environment. A VMS application that manages video and data from cameras or other sensors and makes it available to Users via interfaces on devices including browsers on PCs and laptops as well as smartphones and tablets.  


By leveraging our engineering discipline and extensive background in complex technology implementation, VideoNext has created a high-performance VSaaS solution (JETSTREAM) that enables your organization to cost-effectively operate and manage your security infrastructure. The JETSTREAM solution used Edge Appliance Technology (AVATAR) in order to increase efficiency and minimize cost on our customers.



VideoNext creates custom security for your unique needs. Find out how we can help you to protect what is valuable to you today.

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