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Release Notes: 1.5.2


New Features

DEVJS-3026 - Event Acknowledgment

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Effortless Event Acknowledgment: With this new capability, users can acknowledge events by simply clicking on the event. Additionally, users have the option to include notes.

  • Simultaneous Acknowledgment of Multiple Events: Users can select and acknowledge multiple events simultaneously.

  • Lenel OnGuard Integration: The Event Acknowledgment feature seamlessly integrates with the Lenel OnGuard system.

DEVJS-3007 - Enhanced Live Stream Sharing to Social Networks and Streaming Services

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Live Stream Integration: This feature enables user to share live streams directly from the camera to selected social networks and streaming services.

  • Flexible RTMP URL Integration: For social networks and streaming services that support RTMP URLs, user can now create live broadcasts effortlessly. Simply provide the RTMP URL in the device configuration. By incorporating the provided RTMP URLs into the camera's configuration, Link can seamlessly send live streams directly to the designated streaming service.

DEVJS-2702 - Avatars (Edge Device) Problem Monitoring Tool for Realm Admin UI v1.This feature is designed to provide valuable insights into the health status of current Avatars, along with advanced monitoring capabilities to improve the Realm Admin UX/UI experience.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Avatar Health Status Identification: The new tool allows users easily identify the current health status of Avatars, ensuring that potential issues are promptly addressed.

  • Results Display in a User-Friendly Table: All monitoring results are conveniently displayed in a table format within the Realm Admin interface.

  • Problem Alerts with Detailed Reason: Alerts/Warnings about specific problems with clear reasons provided for quick troubleshooting and resolution.

  • Storage Warnings: Warnings about Avatar storage usage to proactively manage storage capacity and prevent disruptions.

  • Email Notifications for Relevant Roles: To ensure timely response and action, this service triggers email notifications for both Realm Admin and Support role groups of users based on the results of monitoring requests.

General Software Optimization

DEVJS-2999: Enable H.265 support for web browsers.

DEVJS-2953: Optimized NVidia environment for Link allowing for capable analytics to work with GPU "out of the box";

DEVJS-2782: Open ALPR Integration Optimization - The latest Open ALPR libraries have been integrated into Solid, elevating license plate recognition capabilities;

DEVJS-2979: Event Live Widget Improvements.

Updates to the Event Live Widget include:

  • Archive Mode Activation: While scrolling through the Event Live Widget, Archive Mode will automatically activate. This allows review all events without any interruptions from newly received events.

  • Controlling Element Addition: A control button in the Event Live Widget returns it to Live mode after scrolling.

  • Event Selection Pause: When a user selects an event, the Event Details and Event Video widgets pause for thorough review.

  • Search and Filters Enhancement: The Event Live Widget now offers search and filters, allowing sorting by Acknowledged/Not Acknowledged and Alert/Info events.

  • Enhanced Visual Alerts: Events requiring acknowledgment and Alerts are now highlighted in red for quick identification.

DEVJS-2880: Performed an update to the Ubuntu packages on Link's local repository.

Bug Fix

  • DEVJS-2937: Resolved the issue that was causing an out-of-sync problem between videos and their associated metadata. Videos now maintain proper synchronization.

  • DEVJS-2865: Fixed an issue that occurred while editing a sensor. Previously, an error would appear when attempting to save any changes made. This issue has been addressed, and changes can now be saved without encountering errors.

  • DEVJS-3039: Fixed an issue where the realm was supposed to transition into a hibernate state but consistently remained in a hibernating state. Additionally, resolved the problem where cameras were expected to turn off after the hibernation process was completed.

  • DEVJS-3044: Addressed a Huawei H.264 decoding error disrupting the video stream.

  • DEVJS-2764: Resolved an issue in the Electron framework where an incorrect snapshot request was made when a live stream was paused.

  • DEVJS-2881: Optimized the player controls within the Desktop App UI for a smoother user experience.

  • DEVJS-2342: Fixed issues related to importing cameras.

  • DEVJS-2985: Corrected the logic for displaying event loading status indications. Loading indicators will now be shown only in the following scenarios:

    • While subscribing to events.

    • While loading the archive event list.

  • DEVJS-2989: Rectified the incorrect updating of events in the Solid UI. Snapshots and classifiers can now be properly supplemented or replaced for the same event.

  • DEVJS-3010: Fixed an issue in the Solid App. Memory leak: above 6GB memory usage after 10 min of using. This issue also resulted in player crashes.

  • DEVJS-2918: Addressed an issue where the analytics configuration for a camera with a resolution greater than 1944 pixels was failing to save.

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