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Release Notes: 1.5.0


Bug Fix

  • Fixed incorrect logic of the 'Pause' button at the 'Archive Viewer' widget;

  • Corrected “Zone” to be visible after camera edit;

  • Fixed the issue with analytics metadata to be visible in the player in Solid Application;

  • Fixed permission management error when the Admin can't see some of the cameras;

  • Added corrections to video player control in Desktop Application to be identical to the browser version;

  • Corrected Live Video Widget calendar overlaps;

  • Fixed the issue with Feature Table to not allow saving a negative number of licenses;

  • Corrected the video player's menus overlap;

  • Fixed the issue with expensive DB queries:

    • In Notify Agent query to _objs didn’t utilize indexes

    • In AuthZ each “decision” pod opened multiple DB connections and performed multiple queries to fetch policy-related data so that we could run out of PG connection limits.

  • Corrected the headers sent for deleted cameras into touring on DS;

  • Fixed the issue with the video player to work in the Safari browser;

  • Fixed the issue with Firefox on Windows not playing video;

  • Adjusted incorrect delivery option - ‘Cloud Archive’ delivery option set to None, AV_DELIVERY_HR should save as ‘METADATA_EVENTS' instead of 'METADATA_EVENTS|LIVE_LR|ARCHIVE_LR.’

  • Fixed the issue with incorrect HTTP error status code when downloading VAE resources;

  • Fixed the issue with subscriptions duplicate created when Live Event log, Event Video, and Event Details widgets are presented in one view;

  • Corrected Event Video widget for open video at most once every 7 seconds;

  • Fixed VAE images versions in STAT_VAE_LIST attribute;

  • Fixed the issue with the Incorrect BROKEN state of the system. Decreased time for rechecking system state and corrected check system state logic;

  • Added the optimization to Event Log live to prevent lost connectivity;

  • Fixed the issue archive video error: “Can't create a video-specific config.”

  • Fixed the issue with Avatar Bridge crashing if the database is unavailable.

Security/Operation issues and improvements

  • Updated Local Repository and Ubuntu packages on Avatar (LINK);

  • Obfuscate App.js file - Added a build step to a container that runs /app.js file through an obfuscator;

  • Enabled a Content Security Policy (CSP) heading;

  • Enabled SameSite cookies;

  • Enabled 'secure' flag on Session/token cookies;

  • Enabled rate limiting in ingress-nginx. ingress-nginx provides several rate-limiting controls to identify safe values for use, especially for high-visibility things like login;

  • Credentials Caching in Solid Electron App;

  • Corrected the login call to prevent leak if the user exists/not exist - All failed login attempts (lousy password or user not existing) should return the same error message so an attacker can not identify valid usernames;

Software Improvements

  • Analytics - Optimization to Intrusion Detection/Added People and Object trackers with GPU support;

  • Analytics - Optimization to Face Recognition:

    • Added additional configuration fields:

      • People Counting - to send an event with a selected interval. 

      • People Counting Minimum Count - to send an event only if the number of people in an area exceeds the selected number.

      • People Counting Confidence Threshold - a minimum score that the model will consider the prediction to be accurate (otherwise, it will ignore this prediction entirely).

      • People Counting IoU Threshold - minimum overlap between ground truth and prediction boxes for the prediction to be considered a true positive.

    • Added Zones: 

      • Detect - detection within a selected zone. 

      • Exclude - no detection within a selected zone. 

    • Improved age/gender/emotions estimations

    • Added new recognition methods

    • Fixed liveness/masked visualization messages

  • Analytics - Optimization to LPR:

    • Vehicle Classification (Make, Model, Color)

    • Vehicle MetaData (speed, direction)

  • Avatar (LINK) as a Microservice of Kubernetes Cluster;

  • Added Avatar LINK to LINK functionality, allowing to add multiple camera witnesses to the device (sensor) from different Avatar (LINK) inside one Realm;

  • Added Sentry Tracing monitoring and reporting service to help identify issues in the application;

New Features

  • Integration with Lenel OnGuard security management system to allow users to access and manage events from the Lenel system using the JetStream user interface.

  • Added “Gateway” component to Solid UI for device/events management and configuration.

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