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Release Notes: 1.4.8


Bug Fix

  • Fixed the Camera Status information on the screen to be updated automatically;

  • Updated the “Open camera log” button to be visible;

  • Fixed the following functionality with Camera Discovery: the ability to select a link to discover cameras, the ability to change camera settings during adding;

  • Fixed the Digital Zoom player to zoom in\out;

  • Restore functionality for Cloud Direct Cameras.

New Features/Software Improvements

  • Developed “Basic UI” as a new type of Solid UI (light-weighted version with limited functionality);

  • Added a filed “Frontend Type” to the Realm admin page with the following option types: Professional, Basic;

  • Updated the Realm List with new fields: User Frontend, User Frontend Type;

  • Added the notification for the user to add Device List while saving the camera view;

  • Implemented DS support for Link;

  • Implemented Analytics support for Link;

  • Update PHP - v 7.4;

  • Update Electron version;

  • Updated “Settings” icons.

Developed the Gate Opener - License Plate Recognition Solution:

  • Integrated license plate analytics;

  • Integrated the Watchlist;

  • Added scripting language to execute additional logic;

  • Developed JetStream functionality to Alarm to open the gate;

  • Solution Automation Testing.

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