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Release Notes: 1.4.16


Bug Fix

  • Fixed the issue with Download Manager - inability to save the "Maximum download time limit" setting;

  • Fixed the issue with Grafana - wrong data source references in Grafana panels;

  • Fixed the issue causing expansive growth of Audit DB size;

  • Optimized and fixed issues with Camera GIS settings.

Security/Operation issues and improvements

  • Investigated/corrected issues with some API functions that can be Invoked without authentication;

  • Added backup procedure for InfluxDB

  • Updated the Flyway DB migration tool to the latest version

Software Improvements

  • Updates for Link to allow Sensor devices to be assigned

  • Created an NTP server on the cluster

  • Improvement to Link to restore storage configuration after Link (Avatar) reactivation

New Features

Integration with Sensors:

  • The ability for users to add to JetStream non-camera devices

  • Ability to assign the devices to Link (Avatar).

  • Users will have the ability to add ‘witness’ devices - events created against a sensor will trigger video delivery.

  • Ability to set devices into different categories like ‘Door’ and ‘Fence’ devices separately.

  • Ability to view sensor data/events from the Jetstream:

    • View events supported by modern devices, including motion detection, temperature changes, smoke/fire alarm, etc...

    • GPS position of the sensor

Sensors options supported:

  • Door sensor/Fence Sensor/Card Access sensors

  • Temperature Sensors

  • Smoke / Fire alarm

Specific Devices:

  • Hikvision

  • Ability to configure a generic 'sensor' and have some API / library that could be called on Link to trigger an event on the generic sensor.

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