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Release Notes: 1.4.14


Bug Fix

  • Fixed VAE engines updating/delivery process to the Avatar;

  • Disabled the autocomplete for login and password inputs in the camera editor;

  • Corrected the buckets name to be globally unique;

  • Improved Grafana boards to work correctly. The following changes are:

    • Grafana updated to 8.4.11

    • Prometheus version updated to 2.39.1

    • Updated Redis and k8s cluster dashboards

    • Added a new dashboard for monitoring the ingress controller

  • Fixed the issue with closing the view;

  • Fixed incorrect creation of new Views;

  • Fixed the “Upload bandwidth cap” setting field to work correctly;

  • Fixed the issue with new events do not appear in the Event viewer widget.

Security/Operation Issues and Improvements

  • Disabled the GraphQL introspection;

  • Secured SSL Cipher in Kubernetes API

Software Improvements

  • Added the ability to send analytics statistics to the LINK monitoring/Grafana;

  • Added process and confirmation message when the user is trying to delete the Realm;

  • Integrated Google Maps to GEO Map widget;

  • Added Realm Settings screen to Solid UI. Improved UI/Design of the Realm Settings components;

  • Native App distribution for MAC OS - Available to download/test. (Not available to download from Solid UI yet);

  • Native App distribution for Linux - Available to download/test. (Not available to download from Solid UI yet).

New Features

One-way Audio Support:

  • Ability to configure the device (camera) to include/enable audio;

  • Download the video with audio support;

  • Ability to play video+audio synchronized, live, and archive;

Audit Log with the ability to view the following activities:

  • Users

    • created, deleted

    • updated (password, group[s], email)

    • Login, logout, block, impersonate

  • Authorization

    • Group: created, deleted, user added/removed, policy added/removed.

    • Policy: created, deleted, statement added/removed/updated

    • Zone/Set: created, deleted, changed assignment[s]

  • Cameras

    • added/removed

    • updated (name, location, type, IP, URL, user, pass, avatar ID, stream, storage pool, content delivery, VAE, PTZ, Audio)

  • Avatars

    • added, removed, migrated

    • camera updated (camera added/removed/updated)

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