What We Do

videoNEXT is a developer of enterprise-class software. We deliver world-leading, cloud-native VSaaS and on-premise security solutions. Our versatile solutions will synchronize any variety of sensors and equipment with cutting-edge analytics.


Optimize data, storage and compute resource utilization. Turn data into action using layers of logic.


Our cloud-native architecture supports rapid, and infinite scalability tailored to your needs.


RESTful analytics integrated with your sensors simplify the workload of your operators.


Personalized service and support ensures a painless transition to the next generation of video.

Our Technology

videoNEXT enhances enterprise-level security and surveillance management and control using brand independent hardware and networks.

videoNEXT leverages  engineering discipline and an extensive background in complex technology implementation to create a superior solutions for simplifying and synchronizing your security and surveillance systems.

The company’s flagship platforms, JetStreamVS and Stratus, and its suite of enhancements leverage a classical IT approach to video and sensor management for capturing, organizing, storing, and displaying video; and integrate other Internet Of Things (IOT) devices and sensor data.

Why Choose videoNEXT

Your surveillance and security needs are not one-size fits all. Our solutions are tailored to your project specifications. We ensure you get the right solution for your needs – regardless of whether or not you are currently cloud ready.  We can help if you want a fully cloud native solution or your needs remain on premise today. We can always migrate your solution to the cloud in the future.


Our corporate culture and technology are customer-driven, focused, flexible, and scalable. Our Avatar technology separates the wheat from the chaff with big data. videoNEXT’s world-leading data management with Avatar ensures that our solutions are flexible and scale economically.

Are you ready to build a safer world?

Get in touch! We’ll discuss how videoNEXT can help you break into the next generation of video with unparalleled worldwide support.