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videoNEXT: A Global Leader in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Solutions

Since our founding in 2002, videoNEXT has earned a reputation as a global leader in scalable, enterprise-class Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions.  By leveraging our engineering discipline and extensive background in complex technology implementation, videoNEXT has created a unique and superior PSIM solution to simplify and synchronize your security system quickly and cost-effectively.

Over the past decade, videoNEXT has become a trusted partner for government and commercial customers in industries as diverse as defense and homeland security, transportation, energy, education, health care, professional sports, and much more.  Our flagship Security Operating System (SOS) platform leverages a classical IT approach to video and sensor management for capturing, organizing, storing and displaying video and other data from access control, radar, and limitless other sensor inputs.  

videoNEXT enhances enterprise-level security management using brand-independent hardware and networks. We have built a solid base of satisfied customers, created valued partnerships with industry leaders, and established rigorous quality assurance processes.  We foster a corporate culture that places a premium on integrity and performance and we support a workforce of highly knowledgeable, dedicated professionals.  

We invite you to learn more about the videoNEXT advantage and our innovative SOS PSIM Solutions by exploring our website or contacting a videoNEXT team member, today.  Welcome to your Security: Synchronized.

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