videoNEXT delivers world leading cloud native VSaaS and on premise security solutions. Our versatile solutions will synchronize any variety of sensors and equipment with cutting edge analytics.


Optimize data, storage and compute resource utilization. Turn data into action using layers of logic.


Our cloud-native architecture supports rapid, and infinite scalability tailored to your needs.


RESTful analytics integrated with your sensors simplify the workload of your operators.


Personalized service and support ensures a painless transition to the next generation of video.


videoNEXT is a developer of enterprise-class software.

Founded in 2002, and headquartered near Washington, DC, videoNEXT is a leader in Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), Video Management Systems (VMS) and Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions.

videoNEXT enhances enterprise-level security and surveillance management and control using brand independent hardware and networks.

videoNEXT leverages  engineering discipline and an extensive background in complex technology implementation to create a superior solutions for simplifying and synchronizing your security and surveillance systems.

The company’s flagship platforms, JetStreamVS and Stratus, and its suite of enhancements leverage a classical IT approach to video and sensor management for capturing, organizing, storing, and displaying video; and integrate other Internet Of Things (IOT) devices and sensor data.

Since our inception, videoNEXT has been a trusted partner for our government and commercial customers – focused on the defense and homeland security, transportation and education, and health care sectors.

Our company has built a solid base of satisfied customers, valued partnerships with industry leaders, and processes for ensuring that we meet our clients’ expectations for quality products and services. Our corporate culture places a premium on integrity and performance with a workforce of knowledgeable, dedicated people.

Why Choose Us

Your surveillance and security needs are not one-sized fits all; our corporate culture and our technology are customer driven, focused, flexible and scalable to ensure you get the right solution for your needs – regardless of whether or not you are currently cloud ready.  We can help if you want a fully cloud native solution or your needs remain on premise today. We can always migrate your solution to the cloud in the future. Our Avatar systems separate the wheat from the chaff with data ensuring our solutions are flexible and scale economically.

Are you ready to build a safer world?

Get in touch! We’ll discuss how videoNEXT can help you break through the fog into the next generation of video with unparalleled worldwide support.