White Label Applications to jump-start your vsaas business

videoNEXT has worked side-by-side with the world’s largest, most demanding telephone & data providers to provide Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) in their clouds.  As a result, we possess both an intimate understanding of major cloud provider’s unique requirements and the vertical expertise necessary to meet their requests, comply with and enhance their brand standards, and integrate JetStreamVS to their cadre offerings.

Our patented technology is cloud-native, open-architecture and truly horizontally and vertically scalable. used to manage thousands of mission-critical cameras and sensor inputs across the globe and our flexible Security Operating Systems work with existing technology to effectively leverage prior investments.  As a result, videoNEXT has earned a reputation for ensuring that VSaaS offerings are launched rapidly, in full compliance of the Teleco’s branding and service level standards and requirements, and integrated with the Teleco’s other business and service deployment systems and processes.

Teleco Vertical Partners


Safety is a shared responsibility.  That's why videoNEXT works with a cadre of world leading technology partners to ensure we provide the most powerful tools available to support major telecom 7 cloud providers White-Label VSaaS. Our technology partners include but are not limited to: NetApp; Dell/EMC, VMWare, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services.

Our commitment to teamwork allows us to provide the most cost effective, fully scalable, and feature rich solutions to meet service providers and their end-user customer needs.

Unique Industry leading technology


videoNEXT’s powered VSaaS Solutions differentiate against competitors in five major areas:

(1) Native cloud architecture using modern technologies such as PaaS, containers, Kubernetes, and RESTful APIs -- most competitors simply put their legacy stack in a VM and label it “cloud.” This is not cost effective to buy or maintain at scale.

(2) Powerful bandwidth management with Avatar, allows high camera counts to be managed in the cloud without huge bandwidth costs -- most competitors limit camera counts, limit video quality, or don’t really use the cloud for video at all.

(3) Next generation deep learning video analytic technology, analyze faces, license plates, intrusion and integration using robust Artificial Intelligence libraries.  Deep learning classifiers are available “out of the box” supporting people and vehicles.  New filters can be trained to detect and classify other objects and activities as needed.

(4) Proven, extraordinary IT “cyber” security, compliant with US FISMA and ISO Common Criteria due to extensive testing and certification on government and military networks -- most competitors have cyber security as an afterthought.

(5) World renowned “similar” mission-critical deployments in other markets, including for Verizon, and Saudi Telecom, Saudi Aramco, and the US Military.

videoNEXT JetStreamVS and Stratus V4 are designed to deliver VMS functionality to many customers of various sizes, including extremely small installations. They provide a containerized, auto-scaling cloud delivery model, allowing the enterprise to utilize computational resources more effectively. The system combines a dynamic pool of dynamically-sized customers into dynamically allocated compute and storage resources.

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