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Stratus  is a proven, high reliabilty, High availability on-premise, enterprise grade full featured video management solution

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Stratus – release 3.9.48 (Current Release)

Proven, Reliable, Enterprise Grade, Commercially Developed  Government Qualified On-Premise Video Management & Surveillance Application release that provides customers  high available, high reliable, robust capabilities:

  • Top Tier VMS Capabilities
  • Open APIs to Integrate Third Party ACS & Command & Control  Applications
  • Robust Video Analytics Including Face Recognition Available
  • Control Panel UI (for System Administration & Easy Management of  the System)
  • Matrix UI (For User Interface & Control of the System)
  • Video Wall Display application & Hardware Accessories Available
  • Open Architecture Hardware Agnostic System
  • Supports and Interoperates with a Wide Array of Cameras from  Virtually All Major Suppliers/OEMs
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