Video Wall

Video Walls

Reliable Full-Featured Command and Control Capability for a Fraction of Market Standard Pricing

Command and Control is a difficult mission. Surveillance should level the playing field. Our Video Wall solution lets you get up close and personal with every inch of your Area of Responsibility. The Video Wall, once integrated with our software, helps you navigate to and magnify the action rapidly and intuitively. Don’t get lost in your system; own it.

A solution as asymmetric as your threats

videoNEXT doesn’t build hardware. That’s why our Video Wall Solution is designed to operate on COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) equipment. As a result, our Video Wall is more resilient than the competition. We’re delivering industry leading reliability. How do we know? Our clients tell us how much better our Video Wall is than the last one – year, after year, after year…

You’re going to enjoy having a Video Wall solution that has your team saying nothing but: “It works”.

Say goodbye to finicky, proprietary hardware and hello to a fully COTS Video Wall solution from videoNEXT. Standard hardware means that your team can cost effectively scale, maintain, and configure your videoWall without costly, extensive training.

Why our Video Wall?


Our Video Wall delivers the kind of stability that you need to control 10,000 channels simultaneously.


Our Video Wall is stable, so it can deliver the same availability that you’ve come to expect from your team.


COTS hardware allows your team to use the knowledge they already have to support and scale your solution.

Cost Effective

Our COTS solution delivers excellent performance without the eye-watering price tags of similar proprietary hardware.

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