Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Manage and View your Solution Wherever You Have a Data Connection

Lose the wires! videoNEXT delivers confidence wherever you’re standing with remote streaming to mobile devices. Our app is available on iOS and Android. You can manage basically everything from the mobile app. Remote check-ups, system health information, and live streaming – get a little peace of mind between text messages with our mobile apps.

See for miles with our Mobile Apps

Who works at a desk anymore? You’ve got places to go and people to see! You’ve also got a business to monitor, a facility to secure, and employees to manage.

videoNEXT believes that our tools should free you from your desk instead of tie you to it. So take your VSaaS on the road with our multi-platform mobile apps.

Stay Connected with our Mobile Apps


Configure and monitor your solution remotely.


View live footage on your mobile device anywhere with a data connection.


Access your event logs and review your cloud stored video wherever you are.

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