White Label VSaaS Product Suite for Service Providers

You’ve invested significant resources to build your Cloud. Now you are building out Cloud services for your market to drive Store, Compute, and Bandwidth consumption and revenue. Nothing consumes those resources AND provides your customers with valued services as effectively as video surveillance. JetStreamVS is already being used by two of the world’s top 25 telecommunications companies to power their own VSaaS solutions. JetStreamVS is a proven, reliable, and manageable SaaS solution which can be readily added to your cloud.

JetStreamVS is a White Label solution. You control your own marketing and advertising. Your service will carry your own unique brand identity – at your direction.

JetStreamVS is ready to fuel your cloud services sales and revenue growth

You want to rapidly incorporate VSaaS to your cloud service offerings today – videoNEXT’s JetStreamVS is the answer. Jump-start your VSaaS business by leveraging our white label, cloud native product suite. In just 120 days we can have your VSaaS business on-line and deployed. Our JetStreamVS team will train your sales team so that they can sell subscriptions to your VSaaS product. Your customers will subscribe to YOUR brand of VSaaS. Your VSaaS product will conform to your brand standards and to your service level guidelines. The final product will operate on your Infrastructure and your platform – powered by JetStreamVS.

What Can I Do With JetStreamVS?

On Demand Deployment

Configure your cameras and you’re live – globally.

Ease of Administration

Our UX has been designed to be both simple and resilient. JetStreamVS feels so natural, you’ll forget we built it for you.

Ease of Storage

Our flexible architecture allows you to specify and use state-of-the-art smart storage, legacy equipment, or both.

Onboarding and Service

We believe in white-glove service. We’ll be there to support your implementation every step of the way.

Management and Billing

JetStreamVS is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing management and billing system.

Flexible Customer Scale

Cloud-native means virtualization. We use real cloud computing to make your solution supportable.

Flexible Mobile Management of Device Support

You can manage your solution remotely. Maintain your SaaS solution from anywhere that you access your network.

Video Analytics

Deliver real value to your end-users by offering intelligent video.

Are You Ready to Fly on JetStreamVS?