Cloud Based VSaaS Flexible for Business

Flexible and robust; CAVU is videoNEXT’s Cloud-Based Video Surveillance as a Service solution. CAVU is available to B2B customers who do not want to, or are currently unable to, host VSaaS on their own cloud; but desire its cost and service advantages. We named our solution CAVU, Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited, because our solution is cloud native. When you subscribe to CAVU, the capabilities provided (your ceiling) are infinitely scalable, and the reach enabled is only bounded by your requirements (your visibility is practically unlimited). With limitless possibility, CAVU provides a compelling value proposition to our customers every day.

CAVU is ready for takeoff

Cloud native video surveillance and management provides numerous business benefits. CAVU helps clients with their diverse enterprises and missions. CAVU assists with parking garage and facility operation and management for premier REITs, security and risk management of Major League Sports Team facilities, and safety and security for corporate headquarters (and major retail malls). CAVU can be quickly implemented and affordably enhance your mission capabilities quickly.

What Can I Do With CAVU?

On Demand Deployment

Configure your cameras and you’re live – globally.

Reduce Infrastructure Cost

CAVU reduces your upfront capital expenditures compared to an on premise installation. Monthly subscription costs are predictable.

Reduce IT workload

CAVU does its heavy lifting in the cloud, so there’s virtually no local maintenance required.

Optimize Resource Utilization

Our solution balances your utilization in the background to save you time and money.


You’ll only pay for what you’re using on monthly basis, but you can add cameras or analytics at any time.

Flexible Remote Viewing

View whatever you want from any web browser or mobile device, anywhere.

Are You Ready to Soar?