Video Analytics

Video Analytics

Access Limitless Confidence with Analytics

Video Analytics give you the ability to intelligently manage visual information from your cameras, whether you’ve got ten or 10,000. Automated alerts make sure that you’re not lost looking for the active camera. Intelligent event-driven logs make it simple to find the footage you want in the middle of days of recorded video.

Our system is uniquely configurable. You can add, drop, and reconfigure channels of video analytics on your system as you go. Enjoy intelligence that evolves flexibly with your mission – just like you do.

Everything You Want, and Nothing You Don't

At videoNEXT we’re a little different. A little better. We believe in the freedom to choose. We offer the flexibility to succeed – for any customer. Our solutions support the best analytics and integrate them with your system.

When you work with videoNEXT you don’t have to worry about hearing no. The thing is, we’re a software company – not an analytics company. When you buy our products you won’t be locked in to using inferior analytics. We license and deliver the best. You have the flexibility to choose the right analytics for your installation.

Our Analytics

Get Smarter with Video Analytics

Infinite Possibilities

We’ll help you choose the analytics you need. Our experts are always evaluating and adding additional analytic tools. You’ll have the best.


You need License Plate Recognition at the gate, Heat Mapping in the facility, and Perimeter Monitoring on the fences. We’re built for that. Everything is tailor-made.

Rapid Deployment

You benefit from our ever-growing library of supported analytics. There are two speeds to configuring your solution, fast and faster.

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