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Release Notes: 1.5.8


General Software Improvements

  • DEVJS-3211: Added hardware joystick support for PTZ control.

  • DEVJS-3190: Integrated with Qortex Sensor.

  • DEVJS-3184: Optimized the Camera List user experience to support the visibility of a large number of cameras.

  • DEVJS-3183: VAE - ONVIF - Events: Improved the system to receive and process events from the camera.

  • DEVJS-3179: Scheduler: Enhanced scheduling capabilities for video recordings.

  • DEVJS-3178: New on-demand media retrieval policy (on events).

  • DEVJS-3137: Implemented Multi-streaming. The system now supports simultaneous streaming of multiple video feeds from a single camera source. Streams can adjust their quality based on current network bandwidth, prioritizing smoother performance. A user-friendly interface allows users to select between available streams from a camera.

  • DEVJS-3124: Optimized authz-decision service to reduce memory and CPU usage.

  • DEVJS-3117: Added Link Installation Wizard.

Bug Fixes

  • DEVJS-3251: Disabled EN language loading during desktop app startup.

  • DEVJS-3246: Fixed AoD not working in the desktop app.

  • DEVJS-3241: Corrected the display of GEO Map in the "GIS" tab.

  • DEVJS-3210: Fixed issue where the map is not displayed in views with the "GEO Map" widget, instead showing an error message.

  • DEVJS-3205: Fixed visibility issues with buttons on the license page.

  • DEVJS-3204: Ensured the avatar appears in the 'Avatars' list after activation in new realms.

  • DEVJS-3198: Addressed issue where the link is not visible in the list of avatars for new realms after activation.

  • DEVJS-3176: Corrected storage warnings.

  • DEVJS-3155: Fixed issue where the preview snapshot prevents the camera from being added to the video viewing cell.

  • DEVJS-3154: Corrected saving of snapshots for the camera.

  • DEVJS-3145: Hid unsupported PTZ controls.

  • DEVJS-3143: Updated Redis client in Auditlog.

  • DEVJS-3131: Identified SSH Server Type and Version.

  • DEVJS-3127: Addressed unprotected Prometheus Metrics.

  • DEVJS-3116: Fixed issue where the player starts again after 3 minutes if paused in the Solid app.

  • DEVJS-3111: Fixed representation of alert/info events in Events Live View.

  • DEVJS-3089: Resolved duplicate event updates.

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