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Release Notes: 1.4.18


Bug Fix

  • Implemented corrections for the video player controls;

  • Fixed the issue with the vMX controller that causes crashes when the network connection is unstable;

  • Fixed the issue with the 'Pause' button on the video from the camera in the 'Archive Viewer' widget, and the control buttons/cell with the 'Timeline' widget to become active.

  • Corrected the behavior of the 'Timeline' widget when using player control buttons in the 'Archive Viewer' widget to work correctly and synchronously;

  • Fixed the issue in Camera Settings to show correct data for the 'Space Usage' under the 'Media' tab;

  • Implemented corrections to PTZ camera controls;

  • Fixed the issue with the vMX layout cannot be applied to DS when it includes deleted camera;

  • Implemented corrections for video player controls in-app (Desktop UI);

  • Fixed the 'Get Events' button to display events for the selected devices.

Security/Operation issues and improvements

  • Corrected the build process for the SOLID/app.js file to be obfuscated and minimized;

  • Fixed system issue that returns subscription error for user login attempts with an incorrect password;

  • Fixed the issue with NGINX returning 403 for pages that exist but the user does not have access to, and 404 for pages that do not exist to return the same page;

  • Fixed the issue with PHP returning an “X-Powered-By” header to be disabled in PHP configuration;

  • Fixed the issue with the getNode API call to return a generic error if the node does not exist;

  • Updated Ubuntu packages on Link (Avatar)

Software Improvements

  • Analytics - Update Face Recognition feature set:

    • Face Detection

    • Body Detection

    • Object Detection

    • Face Tracking

    • Face Verification (1:1)

    • Face Identification (1:N)

    • Face Attributes Recognition (Gender, Age, Emotions)

    • Anti-Spoofing with 3D and IR Cameras

    • Anti-Spoofing with 2D Cameras (passive/active)

    • 3D Face Landmark Points

    • Masked Face Detection

    • Video Stream Processing

    • Image Processing

    • GPU Acceleration

  • Updated data tables in SOLID UI:

    • Implemented new designs;

    • Added manual column width customization;

    • Added the ability to sort/filter/search.

New Features

1. Implemented Events Archive Widget

  • The Archive Widget will allow users to get a list of archived events;

  • Filter by changing different parameters:

    • Category

    • Users

    • Cameras

    • Sensors

    • Avatars

    • Start\End time

    • Text Search

2. Implemented Email Notifications Process when Password is Changed

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