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Release Notes: 1.4.12


Bug Fix

  • Fixed the log-out issue from the realm for Super User.

  • Fixed log-in issue for a non-admin group of users.

  • Fixed the error when trying to save the camera configurations.

  • Fixed the issue that caused the list of devices in the realm to not automatically be updated when creating a new device (camera).

  • Fixed the Error during bandwidth usage counting.

  • Added detections on facial watchlists.

  • Optimized the authorization.

  • Fixed the issue that caused the local IP address to be missed in the avatar control panel.

  • Fixed the issue that caused the Event Video widget works unstable.

Software Improvements

  • Added the instructions to 3DIVI Analytic Config/Add Body Detection.

  • Added the instructions to Vaxtor Analytic Configurator.

  • Improved the user guidance when login in.

  • Added hint to the Avatar/Camera screens with instructions.

  • Updated the URL to redirect to the root site.

  • Added training videos to Solid UI

New Features

  • Advanced Video Download Manager available in Solid UI

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