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Release Notes: 1.4.10


Bug Fix

  • Fixed the Video Player for 'Viewer Group' to play local stream for Live video;

  • Fixed the access rights for playing archived video in the player (For Statement -> Action -> Manage (View, Control) -> was not played local stream for Live, Archive video, and cloud stream - for the camera with 3rd strategy, archive video);

  • Fixed step-back control option in camera Live Viewer to control timeline;

  • Fixed camera probing process retest to display correct parameters;

  • Fixed redirect after creating a new user;

  • Implemented the filters to all Realm Table columns;

  • Restored the controls for adding download jobs;

  • Removed user access to call GraphQL endpoints;

  • Disabled GraphQL introspection for unprivileged users.

Software Improvements

  • Improved the password strength;

  • Updated javascript libraries according to PenTest scans;

  • Improved Audit Log loading and stability;

  • Video Player redesign:

    • Updated font colors;

    • Updated icons design/size;

    • Added transparent background under player controls;

    • Changed settings menu background;

    • Updated design for the Timeline.

  • Refactoring storage wipe, change "storage shortage" warning

  • Automatic storage configuration

  • Developed Pop-up user notification window and User Upgrade form

  • Successfully upgraded all STC AVATARs to the next AVATAR version (2.0).

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