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JetStreamVS is a proven, reliable, and manageable SaaS solution which can be readily added to your cloud.

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JetStreamVS is a White Label solution. You control your own marketing and advertising with your own brand identity.

videoNEXT's VSaaS solution stands against competitors in five main areas:

  • World Renowned "Similar" Mission-Critical Deployments commonly found in other markets.
  • Proven Extraordinary IT "Cyber" Security, extensively tested and certified through government and military networks.
  • Next Generation Video Analytic Technology to analyze faces, license plates, and more.
  • Powerful Bandwidth Management With Avatar for unlimited camera counts and high video quality.
  • Native Cloud Architecture using modern technologies, such as PaaS and other cost-effective methods.

The Best Surveillance Solutions Available

videoNEXT creates custom security for your unique needs. Find out how we can help you to protect what is valuable to you today.

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