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video Surveillance as a Service – vSaaS
by videoNEXT

JetStreamVS software provides a new revenue stream for Telcom and Cloud Service Providers. JetstreamVS enables service providers to leverage existing network and data infrastructure to generate a monthly recurring revenue stream by providing video and CCTV surveillance. JetStreamVS service providers can maximize profitable consumption of their existing data transmission, storage and compute infrastructure.

Software: videoNEXT built JetStreamVS from the ground up to operate in the Cloud and at the edge with your end users.

videoNEXT’s cloud-native software allows you to offer your customers either a bundle of services which you define, self-serviced tailored packages, or both. JetStreamVS software seamlessly scales the amount of capacity assigned to each of your customers. It also scales the total amount of computing and storage. JetStreamVS enables you to easily manage and bill your end users on your terms.

Each of your customers has an online portal. In that portal, your customer configures camera settings; selects and configures analytics; establishes work rules; and creates storage requirements and configurable elements. Your customer can change any of these decisions at any time if they have the proper permissions granted by you.

JetStreamVS software provides you with a multi-tenancy function. You serve many end-customers of different sizes within one resource pool of one cloud application. When consuming compute resources, JetStreamVS software uses very fine granularity to serve end users. The high resource utilization factors for compute and storage result in high profit margins for you.

Avatar Software Module: This element of the JetStreamVS software resides on a small COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) device on the premises of your customer. Avatar stores video locally; analyzes data; and prioritizes communication. Fluctuating bandwidths will not upset Avatar operations. This feature may be vital to a mobile networks that want to offer Cloud VSaaS.

Analytic Packages: JetstreamVS provides advanced video analytic functions to support the needs of your customers. Powerful intrusion detection, face recognition, and license plate recognition feature sets are available now, with more to come in future releases.

Sensor Integration: Your end user may need to integrate additional sensor systems and Internet Of Things devices. videoNEXT has available API and SDK packages to make the integration relatively easy. videoNEXT has both legacy APIs and RESTful APIs that are well positioned to future-proof these integrations in the cloud-native environment.

Cyber Security: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Defense use videoNEXT software in situations that require the strongest cyber security.

Costs/Pricing. Your central equipment is COTS. Support and operating software is conventional. You only need to integrate JetStreamVS software outputs with your billing and operational support systems. Our services can be delivered to your end users in two months. Our pricing is extremely market-competitive and structured to enable all partners to make a fair profit.

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