Professional Engineering Design & Configuration Services

One-Size-Fits-All Security Doesn't Work In Today's Environment 

Every site is as unique as the threats it faces.  That's why videoNEXT's expert security professionals work to precisely assess your location's situation, mission, and requirements to design and configure a carefully tailored solution.

Design, Develop, Deploy: A Five Step Process to Your Perfect PSIM Solution

  1. Solution Design: videoNEXT architects work with your security policy managers to understand objectives, outline requirements, and establish system standards.

  2. Complete Turn-Key Configuration: videoNEXT installs all software onto servers and configures IP addresses, cameras, encoders, and other inputs.

  3. Site Deployment: After reviewing your plans, a videoNEXT Project Manager/Field Engineer goes on-site to bring your system online and perform functionality testing to ensure optimal performance.

  4. Standards and Conventions: A videoNEXT Project Manager/Field Engineer works with your IT and/or security teams to establish system standards and naming conventions.

  5. Post-Installation Support: We offer technical support and extended training sessions, so your team learns to utilize all available features and functionality.  Our Field Engineers/Project Managers are always available to help you unlock the limitless potential of your videoNEXT PSIM Security Operating System. 

Custom-Design Project Examples:

Professional Engineering On Your Side 

Security technology is evolving rapidly — computer intelligence is expanding and even simple sensors are now capable of communicating in complex languages over standard connections.  Everything from access control readers to facility sensors are moving to dynamic, fault-tolerant, networked environments.  Cameras are not only encoding and transmitting video with higher and higher resolutions but are also generating metadata describing objects' behaviors and even locating precise geo-coordinates.

videoNEXT's solution architects and engineers are staying at the forefront of these advances by designing solutions to leverage these devices into synchronized information management and command.  Ask us about custom-designing the perfect PSIM solution to integrate your security information.



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