Technology Partners

Our technology partnerships provide synergy


The videoNEXT Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform was architected from the ground up to be an open, standards compliant system. This has lead to seamless integrations of myriad components to create the most capable, dynamic solution available. This philosophy delivers the greatest value and functionality possible to the end-user.


videoNEXT is continually expanding its technology integration base to increase the total solution’s functionality to meet our advanced customer’s requirements. We go to great effort to fully leverage each of these component’s capabilities to maximum in order to fully realize the potential of a unified solution. From edge-based video analysis, efficient iSCSI storage systems to complicated, legacy Access Control systems; vidoeNEXT constantly delivers the most capable sensor management platform on the market.


Our technology partners optimize the integration of their technology so that it works seamlessly with the services and products we provide. This means that we have greater flexibility and ease of deployment regardless of your existing technology infrastructure.


We're continually expanding our technology base to increase the flexibility of our product, which videoNEXT also associates with universities, and other research and development labs to increase the number of security solutions we're able to provide.


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