Transportation & Maritime Clients

Protecting Our Transportation Infrastructure

videoNEXT's Security Operating System optimizes the security capabilities of transportation clients through efficient data collection & advanced analytics, providing a quicker relay of vital information that reduces response time, delivering a powerful advantage during a critical security event.

Our transportation experts can guide your organization through the selection, design, and implementation of security information management tools that keep travelers safe and comply with all regulatory requirements.

Our technology is used to manage thousands of mission-critical cameras and sensor inputs across the globe and our flexible Security Operating System works with existing technology to effectively leverage prior investments.  As a result, videoNEXT has earned a reputation for eliminating installation downtime and reducing hardware replacement costs, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. 

Past Clients Include: 

Transportation Partners

Effective security cannot be accomplished alone

Safety is a shared responsibility.  That's why videoNEXT works with a myriad of partners to ensure we provide the most powerful tools available to protect travelers and transportation professionals.

Our commitment to teamwork allows us to provide the most cost effective, fully scalable, and feature rich solutions to meet customer needs.  We offer a broad range of features to enhance your capability to anticipate and respond to security challenges, from abandoned objects to designated suspicious behaviors and more.

While other surveillance companies sell hardware-restricted systems, videoNEXT offers comprehensive security solutions that are easily integrated with almost any existing setup.  The flexibility of our software makes us the ideal partner for any transportation project integrator or transportation hub.  



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