Michael J. Mattimoe

Vice President, Sales Engineering

Michael Mattimoe's technical expertise stems from a long career in IT and engineering.  After graduating from The Ohio State University in 1980, with a degree in Systems Engineering, he was commissioned as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.  Later, he served in the Air National Guard Reserve, where he flew the F-15 Eagle in New Orleans, Louisiana and during combat missions in Iraq.  Throughout his entire military career, Mr. Mattimoe was heavily involved in information technology.  As a systems engineer, he developed a complex crew scheduling program involving database management, embedded telecommunications routines, and complex World-time computations.  

Since buying his first computer in 1985, Mr. Mattimoe has worked to make computer systems function better for people.  As a private citizen, he was the owner of Lousiana-based Data Basics, which developed database management software and assembled computer systems.   His experience in programming C, C++, and Visual C gave him additional insight into customer issues and facilitated a clear flow of information to and from the programming staff.

Mr. Mattimoe first worked with the videoNEXT team in late 2009, as a sales consultant who became a believer in videoNEXT's unique PSIM security solutions.  Since joining the company, as Vice President of Technical Sales, Mr. Mattimoe's extensive technical background has enabled him to provide exceptional service to videoNEXT's clients by addressing complex customer questions, precisely assessing customer needs, and coordinating pre- and post-sale technical support.  Mr. Mattimoe oversees videoNEXT's staff of technicians and coordinates the development of all custom-tailored software solutions.

In addition to his technical background, Mr. Mattimoe also has 5 years of experience in the mortgage sales industry. The combination of technical expertise, military discipline, and customer service experience propels his mission to fully integrate sales and engineering at videoNEXT and create an outstanding customer experience.

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