James Hunt

Chairman of the Board

James Hunt is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, consultant, and professor of business.  He has extensive experience building technology companies and has assisted with the startup of more than two dozen companies over 20 years.  Mr. Hunt has personally founded several successful technology ventures, including Ernst & Young Technologies and BDS, Inc., and is also co-founder of Blu Venture Investors.

In addition to his work with several angel investor groups, Mr. Hunt is a managing partner at NextFed and The MITA Group and an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Georgetown University.  He serves on the Boards of Sensics, Interfolio, iMove, Information Security Corporation, among others and is regularly retained by a number of large companies seeking strategic guidance regarding potential acquisition targets, integration planning, and assistance serving the federal government market. 

Mr. Hunt has been the Chairman and Director of videoNEXT since 2009.


Jim Hunt

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