Why Cloud? The Benefits


·         Reduced upfront costs:  With videoNEXT, you are able to take advantage of a simplified, pay as you go, fully scalable, managed feature rich performance VMS without the internal investment or infrastructure beyond basic network connectivity and installation of IP or analog cameras.

·         Pay only for what you use: videoNEXT provides you the ability to add or remove camera channels, adjust storage resolutions and length of storage archives at any time. Now, if desired, critical video can be retained indefinitely at a reasonable price.

·         Video Assurance: videoNEXT offers a fully managed service incorporating the Avatar component for guaranteed transfer of video from the site to the cloud under varying network conditions. Ultra high availability can also be designed with redundant archives at the cloud data center(s). Users are no longer left wondering where and whether or not important video is indeed secure, archived and available.

·         Improved support/reduced costs: With cloud-hosting of core enterprise VMS functionality coupled with secure remote access via Web browser & smart mobile devices, customer support is greatly simplified. Troubleshooting is reduced to the user’s network connection access to the Verizon Terremark data center and Web browser components. This results in reduced support costs for remote access scenarios with improved user experience (to include simultaneous user live viewing) that is no longer limited by the customer’s site bandwidth.

·         Next Generation Features: videoNEXT includes leading edge integrations such as video analytics from ObjectVideo, Google Earth Map integration, WebCam interviewing and support for mobile smartphone cameras to be processed as an active system surveillance camera for first responders.

·         Flexibility: videoNEXT gives you the option either to use our complete service hosted at the Verizon Terremark data center cloud, or the option to procure all the components necessary for you to build your own remote hosting service, complete with network buffering applications (Avatar), to locally store subject IP video for metered transfer to your remotely hosted server.

·         Open Platform: videoNEXT’s platform consists of a mature well-documented Application Programming Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) for unique customer integrations to third party sensors and systems.

·         Big Data Mining: videoNEXT’s mature API and SDK also extends to our database. This allows for straight forward correlation of our VMS event and application elements to third party databases. An example of this is our ability to correlate a video interviewee name and/or date-of-birth to other databases maintained by the organization or agency.   

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