Barriers to Cloud Video

 Three problems often impede Cloud Video: lack of bandwidth, lack of security and lack of mature applications.

·   Bandwidth: “We would love to have video access to other locations -- but IT won’t allow it. They don’t have the bandwidth."

Today, broadband IP access is widely available via fiber, cable and 4G LTE cellular and videoNEXT applications manage bandwidth for maximum efficiency.

·   Security – “We can’t have any unauthorized access to our video” is frequently heard from physical security and loss prevention directors. High security encryption and authentication exists, but it can be complicated to implement. 

    videoNEXT experience deploying video applications for government and military customers enable us to deliver your video securely, with simple, proven technologies.  

·   Applications - "The cloud video systems we have seen are rudimentary, more suited to monitoring pets and vacation homes than enterprise assets and critical infrastructure."   

    videoNEXT provides enterprise class video and sensor management features, proven to scale to tens of thousands of cameras, with robust feature sets and highly available architecture. 

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