Cloud Features


·         The videoNEXT Cloud can accept video from three sources:

o   IP cameras directly,

o   Local videoNEXT VMS servers, or

o   Through Avatar, which locally stores video and provides policy governed guaranteed transport to the videoNEXT core cloud.

·         The videoNEXT Cloud accepts the full range of specialized and unique integrations of IP cameras (including PTZ) and sensor systems to include geographic integration with Google Earth 3D mapping.

·         The videoNEXT Cloud provides additional support for vertical applications.  For example, cloud hosting of confidential interviews through our enterprise Interview module featuring:

o   Synchronized full motion video and audio,

o   Full support for inexpensive high quality WebCams, and

o   Versatile user-selectable transcoding options to minimize storage and network demands                     


·        The videoNEXT Cloud contains full support of the videoNEXT API and SDK to allow for integration to new systems and components such as HVAC and Building Automation Systems (BAS) and component controllers.

·         The videoNEXT VSaaS offering allows for direct configuration of video analytics that reside on 3rd party IP cameras and analog encoders. This allows for the IP camera or encoder initiated event to be sent to the videoNEXT platform for action. Additionally, other 3rd party analytics can also be integrated into the videoNEXT platform for event correlation and action.

·         The videoNEXT VSaaS offering supports comprehensive video analytics from established analytic partners that run locally on the Avatar software to pre-classify video and associate as important events for notification and other actions at the data center cloud core. Our video analytics are offered in four categories; Basic, Expanded, Advanced and Custom with the following features and behaviors:






Basic Motion Detection

Camera Tamper


Areas of Interest (AOI) Zones

Cross line(s)/Tripwire

Enters Area


Exits Area


Object Classification


Object Tracking


Bounding Boxes


Multi-line Tripwire


Appears - Full View


Appears - Area of Interest


Disappears - Full View


Disappears - Area of Interest


Activity - Inside of Area


Loitering Inside Area


Left Object - Area of Interest



Removed Object - Full View



Flow Control (Directional Recognition)




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