Video Intelligence with vCAT

Better Security Through Better information

Today's high-pressure security environment demands quick and decisive responses.  But good decisions depend on good information.

To effectively mine and evaluate critical events within massive amounts of video data, computer intelligence is an absolute necessity.  videoNEXT developed the v-CAT (Video Content Analysis Technology) advanced video analytics software to help you work faster and more efficiently.  

v-CAT utilizes intelligent analytics to extract and convey vital information from video data to security operators, facilitating rapid responses, reducing false alarms, and providing real-time, geo-referenced behavioral data for people and objects. This revolutionary technology is the result of years of research, development, and partnerships with universities, computer scientists, and industry leaders like Object Video.

v-CAT integrates with any videoNEXT Security Operating System to detect and communicate a vast range of suspicious behaviors including:

There's no question that the more you know, the better you can protect your site and your assets.  To find out how v-CAT video analytics can optimize the delivery of precise, real-time information that your security depends on, or to learn more about our comprehensive PSIM solutions, contact videoNEXT now.

Video Intelligence/Analytics Module


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